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Letter: Gays don't belong in military

This is a rebuttal to the Dec 21, 2010, "U.S. Marine commandant should go as he is out of line"' by national columnist Richard Cohen.

When I consider the history of bloody sacrifice of themselves Marines have made for this nation, I find it hard to believe how anyone could have the audacity to even suggest that Commandant Gen. Amos should be thrown out because of his stance on homosexuals in the Corps.

The words of the "Marine Corps Hymn" include: "... and to keep our honor clean." How can a goal of clean honor be maintained if it includes a small percentage of men whose only defining characteristic as group is that they perform sex acts on each other? It will be a sad and shameful day when that new ruling allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military is finally implemented.

Space limits don't allow me to amplify on why it is sad and shameful. The Corps' most famous Vietnam war hero, Col. John W. Ripley, testified before the House Armed Services in 1993 on why homosexuals should be banned from the military.

Now I know some will pull the "homophobe" card and accuse me of hatred; but I can honestly say I hate no one. We are called to pray and offer guidance for those in addictive lifestyles which are detrimental to their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Those men who have left the lifestyle will attest that there is nothing "gay" (in the pre-1970s definition of the word) about addiction to homosexual activity. A good place to start for those who need help is Better yet, talk to the Creator. And if you want to get on the fast track to him, talk to Mary the mother of God.

Phil Drietz