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Letter: The GOP's day of reckoning

The day of reckoning will come for Republicans when they will have to specify exactly which government programs they want cut instead of just singing in harmony that they want less government and no new taxes.

The politician, Tom Emmer, chosen by the GOP to carry their banner in Minnesota, has been under pressure to do exactly that. He has announced, however, that he does not plan to be an accountant for the state, but simply a point man. In other words, there is no necessity for him to give details of a new budget plan but simply continue bloviating about reduced government and lower taxes for services rendered.

His hilarious press release promises that he will have a budget plan ready to discuss in late October of this year, a few days before the November election when it can do the least damage to his campaign. How typically Republican of him -- never give out specifics, just keep it all secret from the public until one is safely ensconced in office.

But then what? Screams of outrage from those citizens, even Republicans, whose entitlements are cut!

Lee Paulson