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Letter: How evolution is taught

Darwin's evolution is being taught in public schools across the country as the one and only science theory. Organizations like People For the American Way claim that they are "dedicated to making the promise of America real for every American: Equality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion."

People For the American Way state things like, "Intelligent Design is not science; it is religion. Everyone's right to religion must be respected, and that means that no particular religion should be given special preference in public school." But if this particular organization is to be held reputable, then they must listen to their own words. The theory of evolution is no more proven than that of intelligent design. It is outrage that public tax dollars are spent to support the teaching of evolution and its "overwhelming evidence", but when intelligent design or creationism is merely suggested, groups like the above cry foul! After all, it takes just as much faith to believe in evolution (and the "accident" of existence) as it does intelligent design (design by a higher power). However, evolution is treated as the one and only correct thought in public schools. Where is People For the American Way on this religious teaching in public?

Austin Plowman