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Letter: An incumbent out of touch

I attended the League of Women Voters forum on Sept. 28. Al Juhnke's answer to the question regarding voter ID shows that he is out of touch and unaware of what is going on in our state. His reasoning for not supporting voter ID was that we didn't have a voter ID problem in Minnesota. Is he unaware of the Coleman/Franken election fiasco and recount?

He also said that it would place a burden on our senior citizens who can't get around or whose birth documents have been lost or destroyed. Obviously, there are ways to get legally acceptable proof of identity for those folks whose birth documents were lost or destroyed as they are receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Just think of the money and time we could have saved with picture voter ID for the Coleman/Franken election. How many thousands of dollars did that recount cost us? Too much. Currently, 26 states have voter ID laws. Oklahoma has the voter ID issue on the ballot in November so the citizens can choose what they want. Eighty-two percent of Minnesotans support voter ID. Again, Al Juhnke isn't paying attention to what's going on in Minnesota. A vast majority of Minnesotans want better and more voter safeguards. Al Juhnke isn't listening.

We're required to show picture ID to cash a check, get a hunting license, board an airplane, etc. It's just common sense that one of the most important privileges in our country have at least that much protection. Bruce Vogel supports voter ID for Minnesota. He's aware of what's going on and what's important to the people of District 13B. Bruce Vogel is the intelligent choice to represent us in St. Paul.

Floyd Mottinger