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Letter: Keep diabetes center open

Diabetes is a life-changing disease. It is also a manageable disease with proper education and resources.

Twelve years ago our then-5-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes by our local doctor. He referred us to the diabetes center in Willmar and within hours our son was on insulin.

We then began the education process that saved his life. Because of the nurses, dieticians and the rest of the staff, our son didn't have to be hospitalized. We visited the center many times over the next few days and weeks, and when at home the nurses were only a phone call away -- allowing us to call them at their homes if need be.

Our son is now 17 and on an insulin pump and doing fine. However we still need the diabetes center in Willmar, not only for our son but especially for all the families just starting the journey we started 12 years ago. To the administration of Rice, please reconsider the closing of the Rice Diabetes and Nutrition Center.

Randy and Andrea Hanson