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Letter: A lesson in saving on gas

A partial help to save on the gasoline crunch (high prices) and save a lot of gasoline:

We have been at war in Iraq for over five years. I won't even guess the total amount of money we have spent (or wasted). Not only the cost of our military operations but also the cost of rebuilding the country by paying for roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, electric and water works. A lot of these things are needed here at home.

Since ancient times, this area has been run by warlords and tribal chieftains. Violence and death are common. Throwing money at this won't change a way of life or ancient traditions.

The present cost of a new Toyota Prius is around $24,000 to $27,000. Mileage on a Prius is between 45 and 50 miles per gallon, and some other models of autos do just about as well.

Now about saving gasoline: I believe if our federal government had spent the same amount of money, it could buy every licensed driver in the United States a brand-new Prius.

Porter Ashley