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Letter: Liebl - I will be your voice

I am responding to Bruce Vogel's campaign chair Chris Davis's letter on Oct. 24. Though I do strongly agree with him that it is great we have three candidates running here in District 17B that are pro-life, he made a claim about me I would like to address. Davis claims that if I am elected I am going to be a single voice, have no backing from a caucus, and questions how much a difference I can make in St. Paul.

First, each representative in St. Paul has only one voice, but we are one voice for our whole district. Whoever wins will have a voice in St. Paul, but the question is who will bring the voice of 17B with them to St. Paul, or just simply "follow the pack" of their party?

Secondly, Mr. Davis, if you were to research the rules of the House, an Independent member has the right to caucus with either party or caucus alone. If I am given the opportunity to represent the people of 17B I will caucus with the party that has the majority, unless other Independents are elected. However, I don't need the backing of a caucus to be successful; I would rather have the backing of the people of 17B instead of worrying about pleasing a political party.

Lastly, I was raised in this community and I know it's hard work and perseverance that make a difference. From my rural roots to the six-plus years of military experience and leadership, I know I can make a difference in St. Paul for the people of 17B.

Being the only candidate not taking money from special interest groups or lobbyists and having 100 percent autonomy from a political party, it is the people of 17B I care about and will work for.

Zack Liebl