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Letter: The path of constant spending

As I was watching television the other night, a terrific ad came on showing a family who was benefiting from hospital services. Each member had received extraordinary care from the doctors, nurses and hospital staff. The point was that hospitals in the U.S. need money in order to carry on these wonderful services.

It struck me then, and still does, how every public service we have needs more and more money. Transportation, education, health and human services and many others that we have come to rely on need support. The government has borrowed large amounts of money in order to keep all these programs running and to start new ones. They have borrowed so much money that nobody knows how we can ever pay it back.

Borrowing excessive amounts is not new. It happened under President Wilson and again under President Carter and now under President Obama. In each case of extreme spending, new groups formed (such as the Tea Party group) to stop government spending. Each president, Wilson, Carter and now Obama, has taken the same path. Now that we are on that downward path again, the people will demand a change.

Doug Ketcham