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Letter: Peterson is liberal pawn

On Nov. 2 we will determine the direction of our nation. Minnesota Congressional District 7 must take the lead by defeating a Nancy Pelosi pawn.

Collin Peterson voted for the cap and trade bill which passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. If the cap and trade bill passes in the U.S. Senate, every person will have his energy costs increased by at least $1,600. Farmers and small-business owners will see their energy costs increase much more than a mere $1,600. If you approve of these increased energy costs, then you must vote for Collin Peterson on Nov. 2.

Collin Peterson also voted for the stimulus programs and the bailouts. We all know these give-aways will cost us, our children and our grandchildren untold dollars. Once again, if you enjoy what this will cost us, vote for Collin Peterson.

On June 17 this same Collin Peterson stated on AM 1100, Fargo, that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a moderate. If Pelosi is a moderate as Peterson believes she is, then can Collin Peterson truly be the moderate that he claims to be?

Lee Byberg is a conservative who promises to reduce taxes and unnecessary regulations. Lee has taken a leave of absence from his job to challenge Collin Peterson for a seat in Congress because he believes government is completely out of control.

You have a very real choice in this election. Will you choose a Nancy Pelosi liberal who will continue to raise our taxes, will continue to increase our energy costs and also continue to irresponsibly spend our hard-earned money or will you wisely choose a common-sense conservative, Lee Byberg, who will vote to reduce our taxes, limit our energy costs and control unnecessary spending?

I know who will be getting my vote on Nov. 2 and it will not be the Nancy Pelosi pawn. Vote for Lee Byberg for U.S. Congress.

Duane J. Heck