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Letter: Radicals in the White House

When Graden West asked what Republicans wanted, I answered him.

Now it seems I am a radical in his eyes. Let's explore who the real radical may be.

His confusion about what to call President Obama is rightfully so, the man has done everything that is Marxist, communist, socialist, but nothing like America was his country.

He calls it hypocritical of somebody drawing Social Security that complains of too big government. If you had deposited money for 45 years in an account in a bank, and then wanted to draw the money out for retirement, would that also be hypocritical?

If I would have had a choice, I would have created my own account and been much better off than I am now. I am old enough to draw Social Security, but choose not to; do you?

That is right, Graden; nobody knows what is in the non-health care bill. When you add $47 million and do not add any more doctors, and then cut $500 million from Medicare, what do you think will happen?

By the way, Graden, the non-health care bill is over 2,000 pages. Do you want to outlaw cars, trucks, planes and trains also? They kill many more people every day than oil rigs or mine disasters combined. The liberal push for abortion kills more innocents every day than all combined. You liberals wouldn't want to outlaw abortions, would you?

It would be interesting to see a general practitioner doing brain surgery or removing a cancerous tumor from a breast or kidney. Tell the people with life-threatening cancers, tumors and neurological problems that specialists are not needed.

I thought I would never hear the top to "it was Bush's fault for the weather." Now I have; "it is Bush's fault for unhealthy people" too.

Yes, there are radicals out there, and the biggest one is in the White House now, and his lemmings will follow him over the cliff. Confusion?

Larry D. Houdek