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Letter: Sawatzky right for St. Paul

I have known Mary Sawatzky for more than 20 years and when I heard and saw the ads claiming she was a "hard-charging union boss," I was both puzzled and a little upset.

When Mary took over the duties as the President of Education Minnesota-Willmar (which is paid for by my fellow teachers and myself, not the school), she took on the unenviable job of trying to do what was right for the teachers while working with administration. It is almost impossible to keep both sides totally happy, because it involves compromise from both sides, but she did a great job.

In the end, both sides respected her hard work and willingness to reach out to all sides of an issue to come to an agreement. Actually, that sounds a lot like what our legislators should be doing in St. Paul.

As for her being "hard-charging," the more I thought about it the more it reminded me of Mary. She was at as many parades and local events as possible this summer. She got out, knocked on doors and talked to lots of people. She listened to what people had to say. For me I think I want "hard-charging" and endlessly energetic Mary Sawatzky representing me in St. Paul. I plan on voting for her.

David Ellwood