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Letter: Stadium vs. rural Minnesota

This is in regards to the "Wadena asks Legislature to make it whole" by Don Davis in the Feb. 1 issue. In the ninth paragraph Rep. Joe Mullery asked, "Is this going to be a palace?"

Let's back up for a minute. Wadena isn't asking for a palace (your words). They didn't ask God to clobber them with a tornado. All they want is a swimming pool for the people of the area to enjoy on a hot summer day.

If the price seems high it is because that our federal government, which you have no control over, is printing money, meaning cheap dollars which mean more dollars have to be spent.

I see that, that pool will make a very vibrant city whole again, it's needed.

Oh, wait a minute. We are a bunch of dumb famers out here in the hinterlands of Minnesota and don't deserve anything representing a civilized society, right? But Rep. Mullery, you need a multibillion-dollar playpen for overpaid, uneducated players that all they can do is throw a football and in interviews say it's mental or whatever.

This state has very intelligent residents and just because we don't have overpaid billionaires playing a dumb kid's game. I think we know where those billions of dollars should go. Wadena and other outstate areas such as Appleton, Milan, Watson, Montevideo, etc.

So before you start calling a swimming pool a palace, you'd better cover your pocketbook when it comes to that billion-dollar Roman game playpen called a Viking stadium.

Stephen Pfeffer