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Letter: A time for faithful dissent

As ELCA Lutherans get bullied by pastors, and pastors get bullied by bishops, let's all remember to thank God for faithful dissent.

When those of the liberal persuasion (i.e. theologically, not politically, liberal) think that churches should overrule Scripture, redefine marriage, ignore the sanctity of life, deny the lordship of Jesus Christ as the only way, truth, and life, feminize the hymnal by removing all male pronouns for God and any language of warfare, and promote endless political/social issues, as "the mission of the Gospel," I think that they are confused, and I faithfully dissent.

The Church is not "theirs" or "ours" to do with as we please. The Church is the glorious body of Jesus Christ in the world today as Scripture declares (no matter your opinion of it) redeemed by his blood and sent to provide his unconditional grace and salvation to a world lost in the night of its own rebellion. Sts. Peter and Paul never heard of America, or of the Democratic or Republican parties. When it comes to "doing Church" we leave our party affiliation at the door, and enter the kingship of Jesus Christ, whom Christians for ages have acknowledged as their king of kings, and lord of lords, who shall reign forever and ever... when life in this world is folded up.

The news is, the King is coming "to judge the living and the dead." And the fact that he doesn't have your "vote" doesn't make him any less the King, it only makes you a rebel against the King.

Rev. Norman P. Olsen