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Letter: Vogel is up to the task

There have been many misleading statements, half-truths and unstated facts in the last few weeks concerning the District 17B campaign. Please allow me to state my opinions on them.

Mary Sawatzky is, indeed, a good person. She is a good friend and has done much for our community and our school system.

Bruce Vogel is more than a problem identifier. He is a problem solver. He has done much to equalize funding for schools in rural Minnesota. He is not splashy but just goes about getting things done. He saw the Homestead Tax Credit was not doing the job, so he did not support it. He did not "kill" it. He supports an alternative.

Mary Sawatzky organized a baseball tournament.

Bruce Vogel took measures to insure fairness in teacher remuneration.

Mary Sawatzky is a loyal union leader.

Bruce Vogel does not vote party line.

We have two good candidates here. We must decide which one we need the most. Bruce Vogel is an honest person and is realistic about what we can afford. Mary is a public servant and can identify problems that need to be corrected. Mary is a strong teacher and a strong union leader. She is charismatic, energetic and thorough.

Bruce is experienced, has done the job and done it well. Mary is inexperienced but has a strong support base.

Bruce Vogel did not keep his wages during the government shut down. He gave it away to four charities. He is a good man.

Costs of formal education have become obscenely huge. It takes up the largest part of government budgets. But it is not the only part. We still have many other needs. Bruce Vogel is well-versed in all facets of government and has no special agendas.

I am a senior citizen, a retired businessman. I have no special interests and rely on Social Security for a greater part of my income. I'm voting for Bruce Vogel. He is our best bet. He has proven himself. He is equal to the task.

Jon Devenport