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Letter: When Democrats are in charge

Graden West (Public Forum, Aug. 16) says to vote Democrat.

Well, many people did just that in the last election. Let's see what that has done to America.

Already trillions in spending for a failed stimulus package. Another failed program in the Cash for Clunkers program. Destroying thousands of good cars that lower income families could afford, fraud running rampant, and the Democrats patting themselves on the back.

Obama went on an apology tour. Let us not forget the immediate executive order restoring funding for abortion worldwide using taxpayer dollars. Then we have our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, running to the United Nations professing human rights violations of Arizona's law regarding illegal immigration.

Naturally, Obama and Holder must sue one of our own states in support of the illegal immigrants and throw our people and U.S. laws under the bus.

Unemployment is still close to 10 percent for months, after spending trillions of dollars. Vote Democrat? Surely you jest, how blind are you liberals? How is that hope and change working out for you and yours?

Larry Houdek