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Letter: Who do flyer senders care about?

Hey, how about all those slick, colored giant postcards we're getting in the mail lately?

I suppose their purpose is to educate us about why Candidate A would be better for us than Candidate B. You can usually tell who's being touted by the attractive, smiling colored picture of the candidate and the surly and angry looking black and white photo of the opponent.

I think I've soon collected about two dozen of them. It's been interesting to note the return addresses on them.

So far, Mary Sawatzky's and Lyle Koenen's have been coming from the Minnesota DFL Party. This would lead one to assume that the Bruce Vogel and Joe Gimse fliers would be compliments of the Minnesota Republican Party. That does not, however, seem to be the case.

All the Vogel/Gimse fliers I've received have come from one of two organizations, namely the "Coalition of Minnesota Businesses" and "Minnesota's Future."

The Coalition does have a website ( which tells us it's composed of insurance companies, building contractors, bankers, commercial real estate developers, beverage companies, retailers, trucking firms, and the Minnesota and metro Chambers of Commerce. I would encourage the reader to visit the Coalition's website to see how many of their members call District 17 home.

Finding information about Minnesota's Future is much more difficult as they don't seem to even have a website. I think it would be a good idea for Senator Gimse and Representative Vogel to enlighten the voters of District 17 as to what these organizations and the money behind them have in common with the citizens they are elected to represent. Is it our future that they care about or is it their own?

Marlin Henjum

New London