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Letter: A Willmar response to John Sullivan

In response to John Sullivan's letter of Dec. 18:

Mr. Sullivan says he “wonders” if I ever asked questions when I was a member of the Willmar City Council. The answer is: “Yes; often to excess.”

  Next, Sullivan “wonders” if I was a “puppet” for the Tribune when I was on the council. I have never been a “puppet” for the Tribune or anyone else.

  Sullivan did not have to “wonder” about my motives for being at the council meeting on Dec. 3. During a recess at the meeting, we visited and I answered his questions regarding why I was in attendance.

  He also heard my remarks when I addressed the council. He knows that I value freedom of speech, which inherently provides members of the council the right to ask questions at any time on any issue. I also advocated exercising that right when exploring issues, even if it gets them into hot water.

  Citizens should become alarmed whenever someone threatens or in some way demeans a council member’s right to seek information regarding an issue. I attended the meeting to express my opinion that the actions of telling a council member to “Get over it!” and “There’s a new mayor in the city” represent a threat to that inherent right.

  Bullies notoriously call people bad names. The only person attaching such labels in this situation is Sullivan.

  Sullivan labels the Tribune as a “bully.” Evidently, the paper should present only the information that Sullivan wants to read. Most readers I know want to be well informed regarding their government even if the information they receive makes some people feel uncomfortable.

  Sullivan also sullies Moving Willmar Forward with his “bully” label. Baloney! Has anyone ever seen a bully who wants to improve things and offers money to help fund the improvement? As told, MWF took their proposal to a committee. Now Sullivan says he’s “sure” MWF’s motive for attending the committee meeting is suspect. Evidence?

 Finally, Sullivan tells the Tribune, Moving Willmar Forward and me to “grow up.”

 That is hardly substantive and sounds like “Get over it.”


Kelly Welch