SACRED HEART TOWNSHIP - Plans to develop an Off Highway Vehicle park in Renville County are being challenged by the township in which it would be located.

Sacred Heart Township residents attending the annual meeting on Tuesday evening voted 14 to 6 to adopt a resolution opposing the park.

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The resolution rescinds a vote by the board of supervisors made last year supporting the park. It is proposed to be developed in the Minnesota River Valley in sections 22 and 23 of the township.

The resolution states that a majority of residents oppose the project, are concerned about how it would adversely affect land values, and charges that neighboring landowners and residents were not contacted or allowed to voice their concerns in advance of passage of the resolution last year supporting the park.

Landowners adjacent to the proposed site oppose the project, and they brought the resolution for a vote.

Dave Zaske, one of the affected landowners, said the resolution will be sent to the Renville County board of commissioners. He said the county board has said the fate of the park was up to the township.  He is hopeful that this resolution will lead the board to stop pursuing the project.