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Hector screenwriter breaks in with family comedy

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Actor Barry Corbin is best known for his roles in the TV sitcom "Northern

Exposure" and the Oscar-winning film "No Country for Old Men." And now he's co-starring in

"Magic Max," a family comedy co-written by Hector resident Kathryn Dahlstrom.

"I've been asking myself if this is really happening," says Dahlstrom, who traveled to Simi Valley recently for a day of filming on location. "I've been an author for 28 years and a screenwriter for 12. This is the career break I've been waiting for."

"Magic Max" is about a cynical sleight-of-hand magician who dreams of working in Las Vegas, but is stuck at a used car dealership. When his 10-year-old nephew is thrust on him, "abracadabra!" Max must grow up.

Ivan Sergei ("The Break-up") and Jud Tylor ("Charlie Wilson's War") play Max and his love interest, Jennifer, and Corbin is Max's difficult boss Mr. Grismer.

James D. Fields directs the film, produced by Silver Lining Pictures. Wayne Mitchell wrote the initial storyline.

Executive Producer Gabrielle Evans and Producer/co-writer Mark Cramer brought on Dahlstrom to add more comedy and bring out the story's meaning.

"Moviemaking is a major team effort," explains Dahlstrom, who has worked with Evans and Cramer on projects still in development. "I watched everyone from the lighting crew to Mr. Fields to the actors bring this story to life, and seeing them deliver my lines on the big screen will be ... geez, I'll need oxygen!"

Silver Lining Pictures is aiming to get the film into 600 theatres initially. For more on "Magic Max," go to (the Internet Movie Database).

Dahlstrom and her husband live on a farmstead four miles southwest of Hector.