NEW LONDON — A new mural in downtown New London was made for the community by the community.

Members of the public were invited to join in painting the piece of art last weekend. The project began on Friday, Oct. 9, and the finishing touches were put on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 13. Around 50 people helped to create the final piece. The mural is located on the Fischer Laser Eye Center building at the corner of Main Street and First Street Southeast in New London.

The community art project was organized by artist Kristin Allen of the Greenwater Garage & Gallery. The Dam Club of New London provided supplies and other support for the project this year. Allen said this is about the sixth time a mural has been painted at this location. Each mural painted is based off a vintage photograph and contains the natural landscape, as well as young people. This updated mural shows four young people with ice skates in a snowy winter scene.

Allen believes that making public art can be therapeutic for the community.

"During COVID, I felt like we really needed to gather as a community and make art," Allen said. "We haven't done something like this in a long time and we are hurting especially after (Mayor Bill Gossman) died. This seemed like the best way to safely do it."