'Marian' opens tonight on Ridgewater College stage in Willmar


WILLMAR — Ridgewater College in Willmar presents "Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood," by Adam Szymkowicz, at 7:30 p.m. tonight through Saturday.

All tickets are $5 and general admission. Call 320-222-7605 for a reservation and tickets will be available at the door.

The play is a farcical look at the story of Robin Hood, where Maid Marian is the true leader of The Merry Men.

Marian, who is also Robin Hood, uses her position within the castle to become a "double agent" of sorts.

She disguises herself as a man (Robin Hood) to lead the Merry Men on their heists of the Prince's beloved gold, and to free those who have been imprisoned for not paying their taxes.

The play is a farce, but also examines the roles of gender in society and what it takes to be taken seriously as a person.

Kayla Watson plays Marian and Robin Hood. Other members of the cast are Gabriel James Ryland, Paige Bajari, Anton Switajewski, Lindsay Hinkemeyer, Cole Woltjer, Jennifer Conness, Allison Somody, Declan Walters, Chris Ness, Andy Hughesdon, Mikiaela McCormick and Corin Gauer.
It is directed by Matt Hegdahl who also did the scenic design and technical direction.

The lighting design was by Eric Harp and Kirsten Campbell is the stage manager.