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'Aladdin Jr.' opens tonight; Willmar Middle School play runs through Saturday

Erica Dischino / Tribune Jasmine, played by Elsa Gustafson, and Aladdin, played by Htoo Aung, sing on the magic carpet during a dress rehearsal of "Aladdin Jr." Saturday for the Willmar Middle School show at the Brau Performing Arts Center at Willmar Senior High School. 1 / 5
Erica Dischino / Tribune Aladdin, played by Htoo Aung, holds the genie lamp during a dress rehearsal of "Aladdin Jr."2 / 5
Erica Dischino / Tribune The Genie, played by Cecilia Buzzeo, sings during a dress rehearsal of "Aladdin Jr.," the Willmar Middle School musical being staged today through Saturday. 3 / 5
Erica Dischino / Tribune The cast of "Aladdin Jr." performs during a dress rehearsal Saturday for the Willmar Middle School musical. 4 / 5
Erica Dischino / Tribune Sultan, played by Joshua Jensen, from left, performs with Jafar, played by Diego Chavez, and Iago, played by Kalee Knutson, during a dress rehearsal of "Aladdin Jr." The Willmar Middle School musical takes the stage this weekend at the Brau Performing Arts Center at Willmar Senior High School.5 / 5

WILLMAR — The Willmar Middle School presents Disney's "Aladdin Jr." today through Saturday at the Willmar High School Brau Performing Arts Center.

Disney's "Aladdin Jr." is a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and flying carpet rides.

In Agrabah, City of Enchantment, every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail. Aladdin, played by Htoo Aung, a kind but wily street urchin, falls in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine, played by Elsa Gustafson.

It just so happens that the Sultan, played by Joshua Jensen, has declared that Princess Jasmine must choose a husband within the next day.

After she turns down the offers from various wealthy suitors, Aladdin and the evil Jafar, played by Diego Chavez, duke it out for Jasmine's love.

With a little help from a wacky genie, played by Cecilia Buzzeo, Aladdin manages to win Jasmine's hand in marriage.

Other cast members include Kalee Knutson, Maggie Anderson, Cecilia Hernandez, Matthew Cayler, Lennie Marshall, Emma Villnow, Maeli Carlson, Qiara Christenson, Andy Perez, Georgia McClenahan, Natasha Valenzuela, Drew Baumgarn, Zach Day, Isaiah Roschild, Cadence Flolo, Bethany Molash and Aubrey Schueler.

Playing Agrabahns are Adrianna Rodriguez, Alex Sixta, Arieanna Moen, Ashleigh McDevitt, Aurora Warburton, Ava Lukens, Avery Quinn, Cadence Parker, Calista Ziehl, Chloe Jensen, Chloe Lownsbury, Emery Holwerda, Erika Rosales, Fernanda Ossa, Hannah Quinn, Heidi Kath, Jadie Lundgren, Julia Lindquist, Kendra Jarveis, Kezia May, Kristina VanHeuveln, Lauren Hunt, Lilly Billmeier, Liz Kurhajetz, Macee Hansen, Macy Loge, Madi Engstrom, Meryl Bos, Mia Marin-Mera, Mikala Kohls, Mikila Johnson, Mollie Schwitters, Neela Peterson, Nevaeh Elwood-Freitag, Rae Holwerda, Rubi Herrera, Sophia Quinn and Zadina Butcher.

The musical directors are Travis Michelson, Neal Haugen and Steve Trochlil.

Costumes are by Carol Parker and choreograph is Kari Michelson.

Set design is by Sara Bos and leading the set construction are Neal Haugen and Travis Michelson.

Working the lights and sounds, under the direction of Terry Brau, are Ugbad Abdi, Hannah Olson, Hali Ziehl, Elliot Christenson, Matthew Weiss, Bryan Vega Santos, Isaiah Iedema, Ivy Williams, Jayden Turrubiates, Evan Thoms, Drew Lindquist and Kailey Hyatt.

Updated performance times

Performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. today and Friday.

The weekend performances have been changed due to "approaching inclement weather," according to an update released Wednesday from the directors.

The matinee performance originally scheduled for Sunday has been moved to noon Saturday, and the Saturday evening performance has been moved up to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Tickets already purchased will be good for the updated showtimes. If you are unable to make it to the new time/day, the school will honor a ticket exchange for any of the other shows.

Patrons are still able to purchase tickets through the seat-yourself webstore; to exchange a ticket for a different performance, send your request through email to

If unable to attend any of these shows, ticket purchases will be considered a donation to the music department, unless requested otherwise.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available on the school website.