WILLMAR — Willmar Community Christian School presents “Anne of Green Gables” March 13-15 at The Barn Theatre in Willmar.

There is both a high school cast and a middle school cast for this production. The high school cast performs at 6:30 p.m. Friday and 1:30 p.m. Sunday with the middle school cast having shows at 1:30 and 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Stern Marilla and her warm-hearted brother Matthew hoped to adopt a boy to work on their farm. But the orphanage sends young Anne by mistake, and their lives will never be the same.

Her warmth and wit affect everyone around her — even, eventually, the cold Marilla.

Follow Anne through her rebellious years, her transformation into a young woman, and her romantic pairing with Gilbert in a play that "has been charming audiences around the world."

Members of the high school cast are Kara Bonnema, Grace Lindgren, Will Chapin, Greta Olsen, Micah Lindgren, Max Arnold, Pearl Bailey, Anneka Olsen, Madison Elmhorst, Jonny Reid, Madison Elmhorst, Vera Bailey, Jillian Twedt, Kylee Tollefsrud, Elizabeth Holien, Malachi Elmhorst, Mark Arnold, Max Arnold, Jamison Block and Mark Arnold.

Members of the middle school cast Myah Johnson, Pearl Bailey, Carl Benson, Emma Kallevig, Jack Velyan, Erik Olsen, Kylee Weatherman, Ellie DeLeeuw, Hope Reid, Xander Lozano, Azalea May, Ava Gustafson, Anna Lindgren, Alyssa Schwantes, Margo Klaassen, Jack Sand, Mathias Elmhorst, Zephaniah Bonnema, Gibson Horyza, Kody Tollefsrud, Christian Rekieta, Cooper Hopkins, Sam Mulder, David Mulder, Gavin Mulder and Timothy Buetow.

The directors are Jeannie Reid and Kristyn Clark. Student director is Anneka Olsen.

Set design by Brady Pearson and Revis Nelson. Set crew was Angela Hill, Lucius Vargas, David Strom, Lisa Strom, Ryan Lindgren, Micah Lindgren, Sarah Klaassen, Gwen Klaassen, Wade Kallevig, Nik Kallevig, Emma Kallevig, Jim DeLeeuw and Ellie DeLeeuw.

Lighting design is by Mitch Clark. The light crew is Mary Rose, Tanya Gustafson, Rachel Elmhorst, Ryan Block, Aaron Tollefsrud, Jan Arnold and Noah Mulder.

Sound is by Cody Miller; publicity by Brady Pearson and Melody Willms.

Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at www.willmarccs.com, at the door before the performance, or by calling the CCS office at 320-235-0592.