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Life isn't a bowl of instant oatmeal. It takes time.

πŸ”‰ In this episode, host Bryan Piatt and guest Dr. Anastasia Ristau address the feeling that our lives are difficult compared to the lives of others.

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Sometimes we expect life to be simple. For things to just work out. We look around, and everything appears so simple for everyone else. Why does it feel so hard for me?

In this week's episode, Dr. Anastasia Ristau pushes back on this idea a bit and talks about how life isn't always instant oatmeal. Perhaps it's more like a pot of stovetop oats that we have to tend to, season, and nurture. A much more involved process that features the full array of human emotions.

Dr. Ristau is a Licensed Psychologist, and the Director of Psychotherapeutics at PrairieCare .

As always, take what serves you from this conversation, and leave the rest.

(This podcast is not meant to replace therapy. If you feel you need it, we encourage you to reach out to a licensed mental health professional.)


Bryan Piatt is a former TV news anchor whoβ€˜s sharing his journey with anxiety & OCD publicly through the podcast "Take What Serves. Leave the Rest", offering insight, wisdom and comfort for others maneuvering their mental health.
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