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Katie Pinke


Katie Pinke, Agweek publisher and general manager, is evidence of rural America’s capabilities. From remote locations in rural North Dakota, she works as the publisher and general manager of Agweek. Katie and her team create a weekly magazine and regional television show that showcase agriculture “from field to fork” and investigate important issues for the farming and ranching community. The fifth-generation farm girl spent more than 12 years in marketing, then ventured out on her own as a communications consultant and event speaker. In addition to her Agweek duties, she remains a keynote speaker across North America. Katie and her husband have three children and own a small business. Outside of her work and family duties, Katie serves on the city council and volunteers for community organizations.

Katie’s weekly Agweek column takes on family, rural life, motherhood, career, community and more. Connect with her on her Pinke Post Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram, where along with insightful takes on rural life and agriculture she shares the beauty of North Dakota, from sunrises to sunsets and ball games to barnyards.

Nick Stromme recently gave a beeswax candle and beehive demonstration a local 4-H meeting. Stromme increased his family's beehives from 500 to 3,500 growing the commercial honey business while he and his wife Lisa also utilize the by-products of wax and bee pollen for new products they sell locally.
“An ideal buyer would have a good understanding of the food industry and an entrepreneurial mindset that allows the business to continuously grow," said Mary Hodny, current owner of Leo's Potato Dumplings. "They must also have the insight and open-mindedness to see its potential.”
How many people would go hungry if we break up big ag, like a bumper sticker said? My simple answer is billions. Billions with a “B.”
"An indoor harvest meal reminded me, in this season, I feel the luckiest."
Ditterich Mercantile recently opened to fill a need for a grocery store in Vergas, Minnesota. It's an example of community innovation and passion.
"Travel again. Carve out time with your loved ones. Go see a corner of America you have yet to visit. Adventure awaits … and the work is still here when you come home."
Katie Pinke and her family recently reconnected with a nurse who cared for her son after a spinal cord injury.
"American life is not bleak, in my opinion. If you want to find the goodness, the Americana we love, go out and experience rural America."
"Watching non-traditional farm girls learn to care for livestock, including working with their stubborn heifers in the yard where my great-great-grandparents and great-grandparents once lived by the old granary, blends the old with the new."
Whatever tops your list as the most important event of the summer, the equivalent of a large Christmas gathering, show up for it. Your example sets the tone for the next generation.