BOARD OF EDUCATION Willmar Public School

BOARD OF EDUCATION Willmar Public Schools – ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of the Re-Organizational Meeting on January 10, 2022. Members Present: Mary Amon, Justin Bos, Jay Lawton, Mike Reynolds, Scott Thaden and Tammy Barnes Members Absent: Call to order by Chair, Mike Reynolds, at 4:36 p.m. Motion by Scott Thaden, seconded by Mary Amon, to approve the agenda. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. Election of Officers: Motion by Mike Reynolds, to elect Justin Bos as Chair. Motion by Scott Thaden, to elect Mike Reynolds as Vice-Chair. Motion by Tammy Barnes, to elect Scott Thaden as Clerk. Motion by Mary Amon, to elect Tammy Barnes as Treasurer. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. School Board Committee Assignments were reviewed and will be finalized soon. Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Tammy Barnes, to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. Organizational Action Items by Consent 1.Approve Salaries for School Board Members a.10% of starting teacher’s base pay ($4,241.10 until a new teacher contract is determined) b.$40 per Committee meetings or trainings that last from 2-4 hours c.$80 per Committee meetings or trainings that last more than 4 hours d.Per diems must be requested 2.Determine District 347 Money Investments and Designated District Depositories: a.Primary Depository – Bremer Bank of Willmar Public Schools (ISD 347) b.Other Depositories – US Bank, Concorde Bank, or any other institution meeting our criteria 3.Approve Authorizing Facsimile Signatures 4.Annual Delegation of Authority for Kathryn Haase and Bonnie Eller to make electronic transfers. 5.Designate West Central Tribune as the District 347 official school newspaper. 6.Annual Waiver of the January 15 Deadline for Open Enrollment. 7.Determine Regular Board Meeting Dates. Motion by Tammy Barnes, seconded by Mike Reynolds, to adjourn the Re-Organizational Meeting. (Jan. 19, 2022) 33802