Notice of Application To Permit A Livest

Notice of Application To Permit A Livestock Feedlot Notice is hereby given per Minnesota Statute 116.07 subd, 7 (a) that JAM Farms, Inc 14001 165th Ave SW Raymond, MN 56282 has applied to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to modify a feedlot permit with more than 500 AU. The facility is in the NE ¼ of Section 7, Holland Township, Kandiyohi County. The feedlot is permitted for 2300 head of swine 300 lbs or over (920 AU), 950 head of swine 55 – 300 lbs (285 AU) and 320 head of swine under 55 lbs (16 AU) or a total of 1221 AU. Facility components listed on the permit are 5 total confinement barns with under barn concrete LMSA. Facility sizes are as follows. 71’ x 196’ x 2’, 50’ x 266’ x 2’, 162’ x 200’ x 8’, 72’ x 162’ x 2’, 30’ x 195’ x 8’. There are two earthen basins listed, a 140’ x 240’ x 12.5’ and a 230’ x 240’ x 12.5’. The applicant is proposing to construct a 211’ x 123’ x 12’ total confinement barn with under floor concrete LMSA. There will be no increase in animal units associated with the application. Final animal units will remain at 1221. This publication shall constitute as notice to each resident and each owner of real property within 5000 feet of the perimeter of the proposed feedlot as required by Minnesota State Law. (May 4, 2022) 59029