NOTICE TO CREDITORS & CLAIMANTS Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 322C.0704 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT Indian Beach Harbor, LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company, is in the process of dissolving and winding up its affairs pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 322C.0701. The company has filed a Statement of Dissolution with the Minnesota Secretary of State on May 15, 2023. Written claims against the company may be presented by a notice containing a description of the claim and the amount claimed, and addressing the notice to Kylie E. Kaminski, Esq. c/o Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, 8050 West 78th Street, Edina, Minnesota 55439. Any claim against the company is barred unless an action to enforce the claim is commenced within five years after publication of this notice. (May 20, 2023) 224860