PUBLIC NOTICE DOVRE TOWNSHIP KANDIYOHI COUNTY STATE OF MINNESOTA Adoption of Ordinance No. ____ AN ORDINANCE REGULATING PARKING AND PROVIDING FOR THE TOWING OF VEHICLES FROM TOWN ROADS The Board of Supervisors for the Town of Dovre, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, now hereby ordains that on the 3rd day of April 2023, the Dovre Township Board of Supervisors adopted the above Ordinance. Due to the lengthy content of the Ordinance, a brief Summary follows: Section 100: Authority – Authority for the Ordinance Section 200:Definitions — Clarifies language used in the Ordinance Section 300:Purpose – Identifies the purpose of the Ordinance Section 400:Parking Prohibition — Regulates the parking on Town Roads Section 500: Placing Objects Prohibited – Prohibits the placement of objects on Town Roads Section 600: Abandoned Vehicles – Prohibits abandoning vehicles on Town Roads Section 700: Towing and Impoundment Authorized – Authorizes the Towing and impoundment of vehicles Section 800: Procedure for Towing Vehicles and Trailer – Procedure for towing vehicles and trailers Section 900: Retrieving Impounded Vehicles – Procedure for retrieving impounded vehicles Section 1000: Disposal of Unclaimed Vehicles – Procedure for disposal of unclaimed vehicles Section 11000: Penalty – Consequences for violation of this Ordinance Section 12000: Effective Date — Effective date of Ordinance The Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force immediately following its adoption and upon publication of this summary. A copy of the Ordinance can be viewed by contacting the Town Clerk, at: Pat Jacobs, 2196 66th Street NE, Willmar, MN 56201, 320-262-9842, An additional copy of the Ordinance will also be on file at the local public library and County Law Library. /s/Sherry Jean Larson, Chairperson ATTEST: /s/ Pat Jacobs, Clerk (April 22, 2023) 214490