Pursuant to action by the Willmar City C

Pursuant to action by the Willmar City Council at a meeting held on October 17, 2022, a public hearing will be held on November 7, 2022, at 6:31 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Board Room at the Health and Human Services Building located at 2200 23rd Street NE, Willmar, Minnesota. ORDINANCE NUMBER _____ AN ORDINANCE AMENDING WILLMAR MUNICIPAL CODE, CHAPTER 2, ADMINISTRATION The City Council of the City of Willmar hereby ordains as follows: Section 1. ESTABLISHMENT OF MUNICIPAL CODE SECTION 2-126. Chapter 2, Article IV, Division 1, Section 2-126 is hereby established to read as follows: Sec. 2-126. – Filing Fees for Municipal Office The filing fees for Municipal Office will be $20.00 State Reference: Minn. Statute 410.01, Minn. Statute 205.13 Subd. 3 Section 3. EFFECTIVE DATE. This ordinance shall be effective from and after its adoption and second publication. This Ordinance introduced by Council Member: Fagerlie This Ordinance introduced on: October 17, 2022 This Ordinance published on: October 22, 2022 This Ordinance given a hearing on: ______________ This Ordinance adopted on: _____________ This Ordinance published on: _____________ (Oct. 22, 2022) 113862