Pursuant to action by the Willmar City C

Pursuant to action by the Willmar City Council at a meeting held on February 6, 2023, a public hearing will be held on March 6, 2023, at 6:31 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Board Room at the Health and Human Services Building located at 2200 23rd Street NE, Willmar, Minnesota. ORDINANCE NO. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF WILLMAR WHEREAS, Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 410.12, subd. 7, the Charter Commission for the City of Willmar convened on December 7, 2022, and at such meeting recommended that the City Council of the City of Willmar enact a charter amendment by ordinance pursuant to which Section 4.02 of the Willmar Charter be amended to revise the Willmar Planning Commission’s responsibilities to review capital improvement reports of the City of Willmar and other Charter-established boards and commissions of the City; and WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Willmar received the above-mentioned recommendation of the Charter Commission when it received the draft minutes of the Charter Commission’s December 7, 2022, meeting at the City Council’s December 19, 2022, regular meeting. NOW THEREFORE, THE CITY OF WILLMAR HEREBY ORDAINS: Section 1. AMENDMENT OF CHARTER SECTION 4.02. Article IV, Section 4.02 of the Willmar Charter, is hereby amended as follows (deleted material is crossed out; new material is underlined; sections and subsections not being amended are omitted): Section 4.02.—The Planning Commission. * * * * [Subdivisions 1 through 3 omitted] * * * * Subdivision 4. Recommended capital improvements. The Commission shall prepare and submit annually to the Council and to the and Municipal Utilities Commission where appropriate, a recommended capital improvements report which shall contain review the City of Willmar’s, and as applicable, the Municipal Utilities Commission’s and Rice Memorial Hospital Board’s recommended capital improvements report(s) containing recommended capital improvements which in the opinion of the Commission are necessary or desirable in the forthcoming five (5) year period. The report shall include estimated budget requirements for such improvements, and it may contain a priority list and an arrangement of such improvements with respect to the year they are recommended to be begun. * * * * [Subdivisions 5 through 9 omitted] * * * * Section 2. EFFECTIVE DATE. Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 410.12, subd. 7, this ordinance shall be effective 90 days after its adoption and second publication. Passed by the City Council of the City of Willmar this ___ day of ____________, 2023. ATTEST: Judy Thompson, City Clerk Doug Reese, Mayor VOTE:____ O’BRIEN ____ SHULDES ____ DAVIS ____ ASMUS ____ FAGERLIE ____ ASK ____ BUTTERFIELD ____ NELSEN This Ordinance introduced by Council Member: Davis This Ordinance introduced on: February 6, 2023 This Ordinance published on: February 11, 2023 This Ordinance given a hearing on: This Ordinance adopted on: This Ordinance published on: (Feb 11, 2023) 193032