Section 2. Summary Publication. At least

Section 2. Summary Publication. At least four-fifths of the City Council’s members direct the City Clerk to publish only the title and a summary of this ordinance as follows: “AN INTERIM ORDINANCE ESTBLISHING A MORATORIUM ON THE SALE OF CERTAIN EDIBLE CANNABINOID PRODUCTS. It is the intent an effect of this Ordinance to prohibit the sale of certain edible cannabinoid products, allowed under Minnesota Statues § 151.72, until the City of Atwater can study the effects of such activities, the appropriateness of existing regulations and destinations, and ensure that zoning regulations and designations are consistent with exiting law and adequately protect public health, safety and welfare.” A printed copy of the Ordinance is available for inspection by any person during regular office hours at City Hall. This ordinance shall be effective from and after its adoption and date of publication. Passed and Adopted by the Atwater City Council on this7th day of September 2022. CITY OF ATWATER _________________________ By: [MARK OLSON] Its Mayor ATTEST:__________________ By: [GOLDIE SMITH ] (Sept. 17, 2022) 102199