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Letter: Pitfalls of tobacco, alcohol

The cigarette tax that has been raised now is going to help pay for the new stadium.

The players get millions and millions of dollars to play even if they keep losing. It has gotten so a person can’t smoke hardly anywhere.

Instead of taking the money for cigarettes and building detox centers like they do for alcohol, one has to buy real expensive pills, gum, etc.

I say these things because a doctor wrote a book in 1897 telling already the effects of cigarettes as it is a “narcotic.”

So these people building the stadium are using drug money to build the stadium.

No tax was put on alcohol (why?). Alcohol is also a “narcotic,” it hurts millions of people, whole families, friends, etc. If people drink enough and became alcoholics they can end up dead, in prison or jail, etc.

I know a lot about this because I had trouble with alcohol and ended up in Project Turnabout and then a halfway house in Richfield for three months.

One has to work on one’s behavior and character defects. It’s a lot of work and really hurts to see what you’ve done to your family and friends. God has forgiven me and sometimes some of our children and friends have. A movie was shown about a lady that went out on her lunch break and had a one-ounce drink. She had an accident with her car and the doctors cut her brain open and it was affected from the one drink.

If you watch the cars in the Cities driving bumper to bumper, it was told about the carbon dioxide that little children and adults breathe in that’s also in the air.

A lot of things to think about.

Connie Kelly