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Vote Hultgren for Balance

With the primary elections for Kandiyohi County Commissioner approaching this Tuesday, I would encourage voters in District #3 to support an "active" farmer, that could return our County Board to the fair balance that existed throughout the decades prior.

Agriculture is the undeniable cornerstone of Kandiyohi Countys fabric. But rural/farmer representation has diminished in the three rural Districts from just a few years ago when all three of those Districts had an active farmer as their representing Commissioner, to only one of the Districts (#5) providing that balanced representation today.

This imbalance of Ag representation was evident this past year when I personally witnessed the County Board take a position of prioritizing an out of the county residents private hunting parcel (in an Ag prioritized zone) over an unanimously passed recommendation by the Countys Zoning Committee to support a new start Ag business. This unfortunate action, embraced by our current District 3 Commissioner on a 3 to 2 vote, pushed this Ag business to locate in a more Ag supportive County.

I believe Duane Hultgren would be the most effective rural representative in providing a return to a fair balance, and would ask you to cast your vote with his consideration.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.