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Stehn will be thoughtful, professional Kandiyohi County Sheriff

We are writing to support candidate Greg Stehn for Kandiyohi County Sheriff for the following reasons. Preparation- Greg has a solid law enforcement education. He has experience in more than one county. He has been in Kandiyohi County for over 20 years. Here he has served in numerous positions from road deputy to leadership in numerous other areas and now as chief deputy. These duties have prepared Greg well for the task of sheriff. He is ready for the complexities of the work. Character- I first worked with Greg 30 years ago in Stevens County for EMS and law enforcement. Ten years later when we were looking for a place to live and work we were glad that Greg and his family were living and working in Kandiyohi County. Their presence here was a reassurance that we were making the right move ourselves. Professionalism- I have worked with Greg in many situations including EMS field work, accident scenes, patient or inmates in the ER, death investigations and numerous other situations in the last 30 years. I can always be certain that Greg will take the time to carefully evaluate a situation and then make a sound decision. He is open minded, gathers all information and never rushes to a conclusion. It is this combination of preparation, character and professionalism that will help Greg Stehn serve as an excellent Sheriff for Kandiyohi County. Please take time to vote.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.