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Vote YES for ACGC

As a parent in the ACGC school district, I am planning to vote YES on our districts bond on November 6.

Why vote yes on November 6? The bond is designed to address structural and safety issues at both the Elementary and Junior/High Schools.

In our Elementary, we have a fire suppression system that is out of date; in fact, it is so out of date that we need to purchase spare parts from eBay when we need to make repairs. The Fire Marshall has ordered a new sprinkler system installed within a year in the Elementary School.

Over the years, our Elementary has had weather damage. The bond will address those structural issues, fixing them and helping to sustain the life of the building for the next 20-30 years. This bond will also address the growing need for accessibility for all our students. The improvements to the Elementary will add classrooms and an elevator that will make the entire building accessible to all our students.

Both our Elementary and Junior/High schools have HVAC systems that are outdated. Many faculty, staff, parents, and students can attest to slippery gym and hallway floors, barn fans used to circulate air, and kitchen conditions that are considered too hot to cook in by the MN Health Department. There are also concerns with air quality for students, and this dehumidification system will improve all these issues, while also helping to maintain the structural integrity of our buildings for 20-30 years.

This bond is also going to address security concerns in both our buildings. We will have exterior door hardware and the ability to lock down/lock-out both buildings at any times. There will be a new security entrance system process implemented in this redesign in both buildings.

One question I have heard in our community is, "Why not just get rid of the Elementary building and add on to the Junior/High school, making our district one-campus?" The cost to do this project would be five million more than what the bond is requesting now, and it would not give us the space we currently have in the Elementary. The Elementary building, with the issues addressed, will far exceed anything we could build onto the Junior/Senior building at a far less cost to our district.

As a resident in the district, I know that strong schools bring in families, and can more easily recruit top-notch educators. I also know that strong schools support community property values. People want to come to our community, and part of that is because of our strong schools.

Please join me on November 6, and vote YES for ACGC!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.