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DisMissin Nissen

Everytime I see a Nissen sign I feel a dark cloud come over me remembering his misleading rhetoric (lies) and his actual record. Just his and Imdieke's vote disregarding all rules and ethics to squash my family's livestock project should take them out of office. If the voters knew even half of that unbelievable action they would agree, and if they had time to track the record tax increases and new taxes in the last four years these commissioners would be history in November. Mr. Nissen is not a "businessman" (never invested a dollar in anything) nor a financial conservative (more taxes and new taxes) nor a leader (it was just his turn to be chairman) as he falsely claims. If Mr. Nissen can get re-elected with his commissioner record and false claims, then voting is truly meaningless.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.