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Nelson for Ward Two

I had the opportunity to meet Christina Nelson last year when we were both participating in the Community Assembly sponsored by Hamline University and the Jefferson Center.

As I got to know her I was impressed by her intelligence and commitment to faith-based social activism. She is the wife of a Lutheran minister and the mother of two young children. She and her husband are intending to raise their family here in Willmar, a community they have come to love.

I consider my life to have been fortunate to have grown up in Willmar and to have attended the Willmar Public Schools. I had many great teachers and formed many friendships which now extend over a period of fifty years.

I know that is what Christina wants for her children and that on the city council she would work closely with the Willmar Public Schools to see that all children have that experience.

Our community should be grateful that a new generation of leaders, like Christina Nelson, is stepping forward to serve the community.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.