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Glenn Negen Endorsement for Eric Holien for Kandiyohi County Sheriff

Why I support Eric Holien for sheriff?

I have known Eric since 2002, when he started working for the Kandiyohi County Sheriffs Department. I spent 34 plus years on the Willmar Police Department, so we shared office space together in the same building, usually just down the hall. We shared the same records system, radio system, and dispatch system. Eric became part of county tactical team (SWAT) in 2003. We did joint training between the city and county tactical teams and I coordinated and provided much of the training and exercises, within about one year, Eric became the assistant Team Leader for the county team and he continued in that capacity until 2013. From 2013 to early 2018 he was the Tactical Team Leader.

I saw Erics involvement in Use of Force for law enforcement with Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor and Active Shooter Instructor training. I saw Eric pay is own way to attend and travel out of state to obtain training which he felt was a need for himself and his department. Eric has continued to thrive to take the knowledge he possesses and provide it for fellow officers and other departments. Eric and I have taught Police Firearms instructor training, Active Shooter Instructor Training, and Defensive Tactics for law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Away for the workplace I also saw Eric as he started Martial Arts training with me in 2005. Eric currently has his 4th degree black belt in Jujitsu and a 2nd degree black belt in Judo. Eric runs a successful business called Great Lakes Training. There he provides Judo and jujitsu training classes for children and adults. He will provide self-defense classes as needed with a focus on womens self-defense. For the last two summers Eric has provided martial arts training for the World Wide Martial Arts Association summer camp in St. Louis, Missouri.

Eric is the only veteran that is running for sheriff and as a veteran I know the value that can provide for leadership and experience in decision making. As a friend, co-worker, and trainer, I have gotten to know Eric and his family very well. I have been privileged to be invited to family events like birthday parties. This has allowed me to meet his extended family also.

I have never been involved in any election process involving a campaign before. Even though I have been retired for 10 plus years, I still remain active in training and as a result have contacts with many active officers and corrections people. I saw a need for a change of direction. Keeping good officers and recruiting new when needed is difficult now. I fully support Eric Holien for Kandiyohi County Sheriff and am part of his campaign committee. His trustworthiness and integrity are beyond reproach.

Glenn Negen

Sergeant (ret.) Willmar PD

Willmar MN

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.