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Eldercare Reform Question Your Candidates Before You Vote

To the Editor:

The tragedies happening in our assisted living facilities and nursing homes are at an historical high and needs to stop. We all should be alarmed that there were over 24,000 complaints on abuse, neglect and exploitation filed with the state in 2017 and they are still getting well over 400 complaints a week.

The investigations of these complaints have confirmed that deaths, amputations, broken bones, sepsis, sexual assault and much more are happening at far too many of the senior living facilities. Minnesota is the only state in the nation that does not regulate assisted living, so it is no wonder that we have poor operators giving such substandard care. Facilities are unchallenged by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Lets make our vote count by voting for the candidates that support true reform of the senior living industry. Our legislators need to know that we want licensing of assisted living operators, strengthening of civil and criminal penalties and protection of resident rights. Email your candidates today!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.