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Walt Smith for NLS School Board

Oct 31, 2018

To the Editor

When it comes to leadership, Walton Smith III has a proven track record with over two decades of service in the United States Air Force. Walt Smith brings the perfect blend of qualities necessary to succeed as an NLS School Board member. He has extensive knowledge and technical skills in dealing with classroom technology in an academic environment which he gained in his positions as an Information Technology Specialist at Normandale and Ridgewater Community Colleges.

Walton Smith III understands that the NLS School District requires a great degree of fiscal responsibility so that our teachers, classrooms and facilities are properly equipped and maintained so that our students can be successful both in and out of the classroom and while preparing them for the future. Our teachers should never have to use their own money to provide the necessary tools for any student. Walton Smith III will work hard to ensure that more NLS teachers can become certified to teach "College in the Classroom" courses. This will allow our children to excel in a changing academic environment while keeping funds in our school district.

Walton Smith III has a very extensive background in physical and technological security and will utilize this knowledge, along with his policy crafting skills, to ensure that the school board develops comprehensive and enforceable policies against violence, harassment and bullying. He will also ensure that faculty and staff are held accountable for enforcing these policies so that our students are safe both physically and mentally.

Respectfully, Gary Swenson, Spicer, MN 56288

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.