Me: Okay the candy corn is orange, then yellow and then white.

My daughter: I think it’s yellow, orange and then white.

Me: Pretty sure it’s orange, yellow and white … I’ll check.

I pull up an image of candy corn on my phone, and … she’s right. I am 37. She is 9! I have 28 additional years of candy-corn enjoyment under my belt, and still haven’t locked in that detail.

So, take it from my daughter: It’s yellow, orange then white.

Let’s make some candy corn that won’t disappear immediately by people who can’t resist decorations made out of the real thing.

Two versions: clean and classic for the precise, and for the kids, quick, easy and cute. You can’t go wrong!


Yellow Yarn

Orange Yarn

White Yarn

Foam Cones (any size you desire)

Hot Glue Gun/Glue



1. We start with the white yarn and wrap it around the long end of the cone in order to get good coverage of the tip. The roughness of the foam helps to keep the yarn in place. However, you will need some glue to really secure it from slipping.

2. Once you have proper coverage, guide the yarn down and begin wrapping it along the sides of the cone. Wrap the white about 1/3 down. Cut the end when complete and glue it in place.

3. Continue wrapping the next 1/3 with orange yarn. Cut the end when complete and glue it in place.

4. Finish by wrapping the last 1/3 with yellow yarn. Then, you guessed it, cut the end when complete and glue it in place.

5. Repeat these steps for all the candy corn pieces you would like to make.

Side note: Thinking of the littlest littles who would be working on this project with you, I wrapped fast and furiously not worrying about perfection in any way, and it turned out super cute. So let your kids just go for it with their random wrapping.

Then my daughter completed the rest of the candy corn because she loved doing them. She wrapped them perfectly. Not a piece out of place! I had to show hers as the example because she amazed me with the great job she did. Pretty cute, eh?

Mary Rasch is a Duluth artist, mother of two and author of "Fleece Hat Friends and Playful Hoodies." Idea Inspiration: