FARGO — North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota are among the safest states for senior citizens, according to a recent report.

The team from The Senior List, an independent review website, released a study earlier this month ranking America's safest states for seniors. The study scored each state as well as Washington, D.C., on five separate categories: fraud; housing costs; people 65 and older living in poverty; violent injury and deaths; and seniors living alone in respect to the state’s population.

North Dakota was ranked sixth-safest overall in the recent study. The state also was ranked No. 1 for the elderly being safe from fraud — Grandma and Grandpa can rest easy! — with 277 reported senior frauds per 100,000 people, the lowest rate in the country. North Dakota's highest reported frauds were identity theft and impostor scams.

Minnesota ranked No. 4 safest overall in the study, with Minnesota having some of the lowest rates of the elderly population living in poverty (7 percent) and elderly violent injury or death (12.5 cases per 100,000 people). South Dakota, meanwhile, ranked No. 3 overall, while Wisconsin came in 10th in the study.

Iowa was the safest state, followed by Nebraska, for seniors.

Florida, a popular destination for many snowbirds, was America's most unsafe state for seniors, according to the study. New Mexico, Delaware, Nevada, Washington, D.C., and Arizona also ranked at the bottom of the list. The elderly in Florida are at a higher risk of fraud, high housing costs and violent injury or death when compared to the rest of the states.