Supertunia an alternative to Wave petunia


Wave petunias were introduced to the gardening public 25 years ago. Purple Wave was the first one in the series that was introduced. These are spreading type and made every hanging basket and window box full of bold color that just kept coming and coming.

Now there are four Wave petunia series – Easy Wave, Wave, Tidal Wave and Shock Wave – with new colors coming each year. Many gardeners grow and love the Waves.

In more recent years Proven Winners came out with the Supertunia series. I don’t buy the Wave petunia any more and have become a huge fan of the Supertunia.

My first experience with Supertunia was with Vista Bubble Gum pink. Each year I buy three plants for a large whiskey barrel and am never disappointed with the beautiful bright color all season long and how it overflows the planter.

Supertunias do not need to be deadheaded and never get leggy. They grow fast so need ample moisture and fertilizer.


A second must-have for my hanging baskets is Bordeaux Supertunia. This one is a top seller for Proven Winners and has never failed to make a beautiful show.

Another of my favorite Supertunias was Raspberry Blast but was taken off the market a few years ago for a reason I can’t remember. However this year Proven Winners has a new variety called Raspberry Rush. I have a feeling it is a replacement for Raspberry Blast. It is also a bicolor of raspberry pink and white and is said to be vigorous. I’m going to be on the lookout for this one.

I have also grown Vista Silverberry, Mini Silver and Pomegranate Punch and others too numerous to mention. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the Supertunias.

Something I tried for the first time in 2019 was Superbells Doublette Love Swept. It was a double calibrachoa. Grows to 6 to 10 inches tall and mounds and trails. It looked terrific up until frost. It is a delicate double pink with white edging.

Proven Winners are available in all garden centers in the area. I can hardly wait to get into them and take in the color and scent of spring. As of this writing, none of these wonderful stores are open yet. By the time you are reading this hopefully everything will be open and thriving.

The 2020 Hosta of the Year is Dancing Queen. So far I have all of the varieties from previous years but haven’t seen this one yet.

Dancing Queen emerges bright yellow and transitions to a soft yellow shade that holds all season. Pale lavender flowers on 28 inch stems. It has piecrust ruffling on the leaf edges. Grows in part shade to full shade, up to 18 inches tall and 30 inches wide.

The 2020 Perennial of the year is Sun King Aralia. Grows in part sun to full shade.


The leaves are chartreuse to lime green and in late summer spikes of small white flowers turn into purple-black inedible berries in the fall. I have never grown Aralia so know nothing about these plants.

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