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She was a small town girl looking for love. He was a small town guy searching for the same. As fate would have it, God had a plan for them. The small town girl signed up on a dating website that had been placed in front of her. The small town guy got a free two weeks to keep him hooked. With a digital wink and many messages later, they decided to meet on New Years Day.

Now I proudly share that small town girl, Danielle Hillers of Clara City, and small town guy, Kevin Fuchs of Pennock, are tying the knot on September 22, 2018 at Salem Covenant Church of rural Pennock.

Danielle's parents are Sheila Folkerts(Paul Swartzer) and David Hillers(Justine Meyer-Hillers). Danielle is a graduate of M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. High School Class of 2007 and graduate of Minneapolis School of Floral Design. She owns and operates Wild at Heart Floral in New London, MN.

Kevin's parents are Bob and Bernadette Fuchs. Kevin is a graduate of Willmar High School Class of 2002 and graduate of Ridgewater Community College. He works as a carpenter at Oakridge Construction in New London, MN.

And they lived happily ever after.