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Births published Sept. 20


Boy to Calliena Marcella and Thomas Dale Schroeder, Sept. 11

Granite Falls

Boy to Lauren Elizabeth and John Leo Fraser, Sept. 6


Girl to Janet Lea and Benjamin Elliot Koistinen, Sept. 3

Girl to Stacey Leann and Eric Allen Doering, Sept. 5

Boy to Stephanie Ann and Damian John Buss, Sept. 11

Boy to Terra Ann and Justin Lyle McKinley, Sept. 12


Girl to Marsha Lee and Randy Eugene Lenhard, Sept. 13

Girl to Emily Isabelle and Brian William Croatt, Sept. 16


Girl to Micaela Jimenez Hernandez, Sept. 7

Girl to Summer Lee and Troy Adam Ahrenholz, Sept. 7


Girl to Leann Delores and Joshua Thomas Hellermann, Sept. 4

Boy to Jennifer Joyce and Christopher Ted Soine, Sept. 8

Girl to Emily Christine and Mitchell Brad Fischer, Sept. 17

Redwood Falls

Girl to Rianna Lee and Tyrone Leon Hernandez, Sept. 4

Girl to Ashley Rose Holmes and Anthony Preston Leith, Sept. 5

Boy to Amber Lynn and Adam Alexander Chmelar, Sept. 11

Willmar births

Boy to Priscilla Dee Gruendemann and Carlos Reuben Espinoza, Aug. 29

Girl to Lisa Marie Trevina, Sept. 1

Boy to Nasro Hussein Ibrahim and Ibrahim Aden Shil, Sept. 2

Girl to Shannon Marie and Daniel Easton Anderson, Sept. 3

Boy to Hinda Muhumed Omar and Abdifetah Aden Mohamed, Sept. 3

Girl to Heidi Marie and Kurt Jerome Olson, Sept. 3

Girl to Melissa Jean Senger and Ian Chad Mackenroth, Sept. 4

Girl to Amber Elizabeth McMoran, Sept. 4

Girl to Bisharo Jama Noor and Mohamed Jama Hirsi, Sept. 4

Boy to Kimberly Louise Johnson and Andrew John Lehman, Sept. 5

Girl to Leah Elizabeth and Kristian John Rosendahl, Sept. 5

Girl to Ashley Mae and Jacob David Moline, Sept. 8

Girl to Melanie Dawn and Joseph Kim Vander Ark, Sept. 8

Boy to Kayla Marae and Mark Brian Lindstrand, Sept. 8

Girl to Michelle Margaret and Christopher David Kromm, Sept. 8

Boy to Suleiko Mahamud Ali and Farah Abdi Jama, Sept. 8

Girl to Heather Jo and Nathan Kevin Giese, Sept. 9

Boy to Lizbeth and Faustino Reyes, Sept. 9

Boy to Allison Lindsey and Luke Gary Geiger, Sept. 9

Girl to Cathy Jo Rieke and Mitchell Dean Ellingson, Sept. 10

Boy to Amanda Renae and Aaron David Pauling, Sept. 10

Twin boys to Andria Renee and Jeremy William Krakow, Sept. 11

Twin boys to Andria Renee and Jeremy William Krakow, Sept. 11

Boy to Kari Lynn Huntley band David James Kirking, Sept. 11

Girl to Dana Kristine and Carl Allen Persson, Sept. 12

Boy to Alicia Christine and Steve Alexander Collins, Sept. 12

Boy to Kate Marie and Trevor John Berger, Sept. 12

Boy to Jessica Lee and Chad David Haugen, Sept. 12

Girl to Katie Lynn and Brent Stenson Steinhaus, Sept. 13

Boy to Paula Marie and Joshua Michael Stern, Sept. 14

Boy to Mary Theresa and Joel Roger Evens, Sept. 16

Boy to Genoveva and Jose Eduardo Ayon, Sept. 16

Boy to Mariann Coria and Erick Torres, Sept. 17