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Births published March 29

Willmar births

Girl to Victoria Joanne Stull and Blake Richard Fostervold, March 8

Boy to Kathrine Rae and Lucas Stanley Okland, March 8

Girl to Cindy Gutierrez and Kevin Antonio Esquivel Paz, March 9

Boy to Kelly Marie and Blake Allen Piipke, March 11

Girl to Kourtney Ann Steffensen and Allen Scott Hillstrom, March 11

Boy to Sarah Jane Johnson Schimming and David James Schimming, March 11

Girl to Mari Ruth and Kory Glenn Klebe, March 12

Boy to Bianca Garza and Edgar Efrain Sanchez, March 12

Girl to Fathia Abdi Sabri and Gashan Dahir Ahmed, March 13

Girl to Amanda Marie and Daniel Scott Peters, March 13

Boy to Kara Dawn and Bryan John Cain, March 15

Girl to Noelle Rose and Daniel Joseph Day, March 15

Boy to Abigail Linda Hawk and Mathew Lawrence Shafer, March 15

Boy to Deko Mohamed Abdullahi and Dool Shukri Mahamed, March 16

Girl to Lynsey Jo Sladek and Justin Norman Linde, March 16

Girl to Kristin Renee and Daniel Patrick Sterk, March 17

Girl to Amy Marie Dalba and Jesse Ryan Warner, March 17

Girl to Khairo Osman Abdi and Omar David Abdulkadir, March 17

Boy to Brianna Dee Grannes and Ruben Rene Valdez, March 17

Boy to Maria Raeanna and Jesse Gene Hulscher, March 17

Boy to Erica Lynn and Michael Ryan Mathews, March 18

Girl to Kendra Leigh and Benjamin Conrad Saunders, March 18

Girl to Danielle Joy and Zachary Steven Thissen, March 19

Girl to Jessica Erin and Kevin Carl Williams, March 19

Boy to Jennifer Dawn and Jonathan Todd Lankenau, March 20

Boy to Heidi Marie and David James Hafvenstein, March 20

Girl to Sarah Marie and Zachary Beau Johnson, March 2

Girl to Brittany Allison and Anthony Kevin Stern, March 23

Glenwood births

Girl to Milda Alice and Joshua Raymond Knapp, March 11

Girl to Ashley Velazquez and Robert George Louis, March 12

Boy to Bethany Patricia and Michael Robert Nordquist, March 24

Litchfield births

Girl to Jessica Lee and Steven Edwin Hruby, March 9

Boy to Jennifer Kay and Justin Woolf Horsman, March 10

Boy to Karina Noelle and Jason Llyod Hillmyer, March 10

Girl to Katie Jo and James Clark Peterson, March 16

Boy to Tineya Lyn and Brandon Percy Cook, March 23

Montevideo births

Boy to Hailey Nicole and Travis Frederick Rolfsmeier, March 11

Boy to Brianna Marie and Mark Lowell Berglund, March 12

Girl to Tresa Mae and Nathan Robert Rigge, March 16

Paynesville births

Boy to Angela Regina-Wunsch Bonnema and Darrin Patrick Bonnema, March 9

Girl to Angela Marie and Jason Lee Carroll, March 11

Girl to Trisha Marie and Joshua Jay Williams, March 16

Girl to Karla Rose and Adam Leroy Hemmesch, March 23

Redwood Falls births

Boy to Danielle Lee and Bryan Alan Nielsen, March 25