Lucas Bye of Grand Forks caught two fish at once Nov. 5 when he landed this 17-inch walleye and 36-inch northern pike on Stump Lake.

Bye said he was jigging off the bottom and had set the hook on the walleye when the line started to burn.

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“Took me couple minutes to get the fish up to the surface,” he said.

“I figured with the way it burned the line that I just had a northern on. But when he surfaced and took a turn to dive again we could see a walleye in his mouth, and my jig was set in the walleye, and the pike had latched onto him and would not let go.

"When the pike dove the second time, I figured he was going to spit the walleye out for sure but he never did.He surfaced again and Shane Grotte got a good net on both of them just as shown in the picture.” Bye kept the walleye and released the pike.