WILLMAR -- A Willmar man facing domestic assault charges made his first appearance in Kandiyohi County District Court Monday.

Christopher Gerald Wallace, 38, of Willmar was arrested after Willmar Police officers were called to an apartment in southwest Willmar Friday evening.

Wallace faces two felony charges of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats. He also faces a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

According to court records, a woman said Wallace had been arguing with a woman Thursday evening and most of the day on Friday. The woman told police the arguing was a nearly daily occurrence.

The woman told police that Wallace had threatened her with a knife and with strangulation on Friday afternoon. He had also pushed the chair she was in so that it fell over backwards. She identified the computer cord he had allegedly threatened to use to strangle her.

When he was asked to produce the knife, Wallace allegedly started to rummage through a bag in the apartment. According to the complaint, he ignored officers' orders to stop, and they took him to the ground and handcuffed him.

After they were given permission to search the home, officers found a buck knife matching the woman's description under an end table next to the bag Wallace had been searching.

Neighbors in the apartment building said they had heard Wallace yelling at the woman, and one said he had heard Wallace say he wanted to kill the woman, according to the complaint.