MONTEVIDEO - A Montevideo man announced Thursday that he is considering a run as the Independent Party candidate for the Seventh Congressional District.

Kevin “Bird” Winge is forming an exploratory committee to consider a run for U.S. Congress in 2016.

Winge, who as a boy lived on a farm outside of Dawson and is a resident of Montevideo, has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Minnesota and a master’s of public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.

A former leader of nonprofit corporations that provide meals to seniors and the critically ill, this would be Winge’s first campaign for office.

Winge said in a news release he will travel the district this fall, listening to voters.

The polarization of the political system has prompted Winge to explore a run for Congress.

“Too many politicians are more concerned about special interest groups and reelections than they are about the future of our country. The vitriolic language, the use of social issues to divide us, the inability to balance budgets, and the threat of government shutdowns has to stop. Civility and compromise must return to government. Our energies must be concentrated on creating the nation we need to be a generation from now,” Winge said in a media release.

David Holman of Morris, the Independence Party of Minnesota’s Chair of the Seventh Congressional District, supports Winge’s potential candidacy. “Kevin has what it takes to be a great Representative. He has a proven record of building coalitions, balancing budgets, and making bold decisions. He is passionate about ending the partisan bickering and improving economic and educational opportunities for all Americans.”

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